When children are brought to true understanding, they don’t need to keep reviewing the material. Understanding is increased by allowing learning to slow down. At Global Classroom we do this in two ways.

    First, we believe that most schools waste time by pushing children to hurry to the next subject. Our learning process allows students to “slow down” their learning as they are introduced to a topic by using tactile methods. This is called concrete learning. After this step, learning accelerates when the teacher changes to ‘abstract’ teaching methods. At this point, the students truly understand the basic concepts.

    Secondly, research shows that children need to have the time to think of the answer to a problem for themselves, rather than having the answer quickly shown to them. In other words children, like anyone else, need time to think. You yourself have seen how rewarding it can be when we solve a problem ourselves rather than having someone feed us the answer. As we become older, we face ever more difficult problems. It becomes obvious that everyone needs to take more time to think if we are to find solutions to problems of ever greater complexity.

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