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  • Focus on Process

    Start each lesson with concrete or kinesthetic learning, then proceed to abstraction followed by written expression.

  • Understanding

    Improve understanding of every topic with hands-on experiences before teaching.

  • Every Child's Involvement

    Turn every class into a laboratory and involve every child in every activity.

  • Control of Error

    Provide instant feedback and follow it with immediate corrective action.

  • Accountability

    Make assessment rubrics transparent for all childrenso that they know better what is expected of them.

  • Team Work and Leadership

    Integrate teamwork and leadership into the daily curriculum itself.

Founder's Message

What we expect from our children is what we create for them. Hence, the vision to which we align our efforts is the most important trigger for change.

Most of what I know, I have learnt from my dedicated and passionate educator parents, from my travels to 38 countries and from several years of experimental work at lab schools on three continents. This experience has been translated into the Global Education Model of Schooling (GEMS) with the help of over 200 individuals.


What is an Affiliate?

Affiliates of Global Classroom are schools that buy and use our curriculum. We also have franchisee schools who take on our name and full program.

What curriculum choices do affiliates have?

Yes! I Can: For mastery of English, Maths and Hindi.
Maxim: Seamless integration from playgroup to class V.
Global Me!: A more elaborate and extensive solution.

Is Global Classroom a publisher?

We are not a publisher. We provide complete academic solutions, teacher training and auditing services to insure that our methodology is properly implemented in each school.

How are these curricula unique?

They all use the same learning process, all use tactile and kinaesthetic learning to involve every child. They all are compatible with all India boards. They are all available with assessments.

Can I prepare my teachers or parents for change?

We provide teacher and parent workshop. We can fully answer all parental concerns.

How can I take the next step?

Contact us today

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India's only personalised and differentiated learning education


And a transformative, meaningful and joyful education that every child, teacher and parent want.

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