• Focus on Process

    Start each lesson with concrete or kinesthetic learning, then proceed to abstraction followed by written expression.

  • Understanding

    Improve understanding of every topic with hands-on experiences before teaching.

  • Every Child's Involvement

    Turn every class into a laboratory and involve every child in every activity.

  • Control of Error

    Provide instant feedback and follow it with immediate corrective action.

  • Accountability

    Make assessment rubrics transparent for all children so that they know better what is expected of them.

  • Team Work and Leadership

    Integrate teamwork and leadership into the daily curriculum itself.

Our Curriculum

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Provide a high performing and meaningful education based on the principle of 'Compete with Yourself '

and the world's largest meta-analysis of education research (50,000 individual researches and 800 other meta-analysis).

Advanced and accelerated

  • Improve academic results of every child and class.
  • Reduce weight of the school bag.
  • Cover more and achieve more academic goals in less time.
  • Reduce teacher workload and improve teacher effectiveness,creativity and engagement.
  • Improve every child's confidence.
  • Create intrinsic motivation and an inner desire to excel
  • Make tuition unnecessary.
  • Provide on-going self-diagnostic feedback throughout the year that allows early diagnosis and intervention.
  • Create happy children, teachers and parents.


  • Choose from three unique options according to what your parents can afford:
  • Single Subject Solutions: YES! I Can.(English, Mathematics, Hindi)
  • Complete Solution: MAXIM (economy model, all subjects)
  • Complete Solution: ME! (top model, all subjects)
  • Ask for volume discounts. Customize with your school logo (if large volume).
  • Partner for school success if a new school.

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Try for one subject one class or all, and witness the diō€€¯erence in your students and teachers.

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