SINGLE SUBJECT Solutions for the Core Subjects                                            

Option 1: English, Maths, Hindi (choice of one or all subjects)

WHAT's Provided?

  • Subject solutions are provided for mastery in the important core subjects of English, Mathematics and Hindi.
  • Textbooks in two-parts are supplemented with unique and effective study materials for the development of Speaking Skills or Mastery in Mathematics, for example.
  • There is also a Control of Error Book and a Perfection Digital Book for the teacher.
  • Assessments and Personalised Self-Diagnostic Reports are equivalent to 4 FA's and 2 SA's.
  • Processes and methods fully incorporate Hands-on Materials with teacher guidelines on how to conduct these. A range of tactile learning materials such as reciprocal learning cards are provided along with option of hands-on materials. They turn every class into a laboratory.
  • Parent Guidelines and Teacher Handbooks are supplemented with optional training for teachers by subject experts, parent workshops and quality supervision.

Option 2: Complete Solution for All Subjects                             

WHAT's Provided?

  • Covers all subjects and provides seamless integration of all objectives for Playgroup to Class V. No other textbooks are required.
  • Each subject consists of 6 Classbooks (a total of some 24-30 Classbooks / child / year). Classbooks are combined textbook, workbook and teacher guide.
  • Pre and post-tests provide self-diagnosis, personalised plans, feedback and encourage improvement.
  • Sufficient quantity of hands-on materials ensure every child's active participation. these turn every class into a laboratory in independent, paired and group work.
  • Teacher instructions at the beginning of every chapter encourage differentiation even in large classrooms.
  • Built in processes meet objectives of an integrated and more effective, personalised, creative, and broader education.

Option 3: Complete Solution for All Subjects                             

WHAT's Provided?

  • Global ME! is a separate, more elaborate and extensive solution that includes more
  • worksheets, more assessments and more hands-on experiences than either Global MAXIM or YES! I Can.
  • Each subject consists of 6-Part Tierbooks (a total of some 24-30 Tierbooks / child / year).These combined textbook, workbook and teacher guide provide more accountability.
  • Control of Error Books help with mastery. A unique daily perfection log replaces a diary.
  • Four Inspire and two Empower Assessments map well to FA's and SA's. All Inspire Assessments come with self-diagnosis and personal development plans and include full diagnostic reports two times a year.
  • Sufficient quantity of hands-on materials ensure every child's participation and convert every class into a laboratory.
  • Teacher training and school audits are helpful to the Principal.
  • For Pre-Primary classes, full colour notebooks are mapped to each Tierbook.

Our Curriculum

Early signing up

  • You can bring the parents and teachers and board, include Global Curriculum in the new fee structure for next year, profile your new program your annual magazine,
  • You can also train your teachers in advance of the next session.
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